Good Intentions

It doesn’t matter how You say it began. The end, which never is But always will be, Defines who you are.   Enlightenment thought Explained away until Darkness was the only Thing yet to explore. Absurd and true.   Hearts of gold; Keep telling yourself Who you think You are. Everyone Is out of proportion: … Continue reading Good Intentions

Here and There

Once, I knew The silence of God. Since then I have longed To know it in that way Again. It was within That certain silence Where the words of the prophets Dwelt: between here and there, Now and forever. Promises Mean nothing if they do not Come to a man in need of hope.   … Continue reading Here and There


Holy Father In the windowpane Portraits of a life I would love to have   It’s a perfect night Full of energy Quiet on the outside Burning underneath   Oh God, my God Why have you forsaken Me to my own desires Once again To fall   There is no Part of this I do … Continue reading Windowpane


Holy Father, it is difficult To believe in the God I thought you were.   My soul trembles Deep inside me;   Despite any prayer, There is no peace.   Each smile Takes the effort Of repairing this broken heart.   No longer able To speak freely Without this veil Which I have, for years, … Continue reading Vacancy

Poem Before Bed

Approach poems with caution. What began as a quick  Glance before bed Has become a challenge. Perhaps I’ll wrestle  With it in my dreams. What could he mean? I do not know, But understanding comes Later, after the initial Shock of the words Themselves. I need to sleep But I am waiting And this poem … Continue reading Poem Before Bed