Tonight, it was like high school, As though we were transposed To a place called home. You with your guitar and I Seeing the world with eyes Unfiltered by contact lenses.   Sleep sacrificed for the sake Of the life that is here, A trade I would make In a heartbeat.   Carry me away … Continue reading 3/4/2018


Listen to the sounds of the world At prayer: rain outside my bedroom wall   Tonight my faith comes by hearing As I witness the dialogue Between Creator and created   May I be unmade   Without contacts, all that my eyes can see Is the movements, compelling me to think Of this parking lot … Continue reading 2/4/2018

And Here, At the End

And here, at the end, What is knowledge? Do I pray to convince myself Or convince myself to pray? Faith from practice. Knowledge Coexists in my mind With poetry. Wisdom and folly Do not seem different by any Intrinsic quality which they possess.   Perhaps I am mixing metaphors, As I have a tendency To … Continue reading And Here, At the End