The Habit

My neck no longer pops As often as it used to When I first began the habit Of twisting my neck to hide The blinking of my eyes: one open, one shut, Always with purpose but ever my shame.   Back and forth, even at night When I lie on the edge of sleep, Restless … Continue reading The Habit

Snow at the Beach

My family has vacationed in Hilton Head as long as I can remember. Last year, instead of coming with the traditional summer crowd, we came for the week of the New Year. The weather was perfect, the island wasn’t so crowded, and overall it was an incredible vacation. This year, we came around the same … Continue reading Snow at the Beach


Words come together, praise For the LORD who is Spirit, The Giver of Life.   Praise on the lips of the dying Man who knows from where He comes and to whom he is going.   Praise in the silence Of the child, afraid For the things which are to come.   Praise from the … Continue reading Praise

Till We Have Faces

If there was another way, I would have taken it. And yet How could I have known?   This was supposed to be different: Broken promises and lies, breathed From bleeding hearts with blind eyes.   I know the terror of speaking In the presence of a God Whose image I have made.   Grace … Continue reading Till We Have Faces