To Go Home

Vague memory of walking through Costco; On that trip where I learned to love Being absent from all that I loved.   In a land away from home I sojourn through unfamiliar Shopping centers.   There is a bittersweet taste In this recipe of longing, enjoying The things that are yet aware That I am … Continue reading To Go Home


Let me recount the way it goes, Moment by moment, savoring Each sensation as they come And weigh upon me.   First are the things unspoken. Whether or not there is something Which is here or absent, good or evil. Searching for someone to blame; Which part of me thinks too little Or too much … Continue reading Approach

The Barista

I am met with grace By your eyes which see me   Neither one of us could decide When, where, or if such things could happen But when two strangers pass they are invited To each other   I can see nothing but what I have already seen When I look at you But every … Continue reading The Barista