In the Room

I loved God with all my strength on the sandy roads that wound through forests. -Czeslaw Milosz   When one is lost in the forest, The sun can play tricks, casting Shadows over you as it moves From east to west.   From where the sun comes to where it goes, So far have You … Continue reading In the Room

Past Time

When I was young, I thought like a child, I played like a child, I was a child.   God was in the sky, and we, somehow connected to Him, were on the earth.   I knew forgiveness in that my father would buy me things, and hug me, and love me every morning after … Continue reading Past Time

On Death

Dying is easy, living is harder. For to live is to die, slowly, until the soul Is carried to the next life.   Yes, you must die, and your memory will fade. They may remember the Captain, or the king, But they will not know his grandfather, or His mother, who affected him just as … Continue reading On Death


I remember when my brother and I Put two CDs in simultaneously One on top of the other In order to see if the result would be Both albums mixed together   For us as children there was little Explanation for things Which made some things seem magical   In some ways Growing up removed … Continue reading Magic

Graceless Pt III

Shall we beat this or celebrate it? This has changed me: now I’m not the one to talk things through.   Some things may never be Understood, the problem of evil For example. Yet still they say all Works out for good.   I’m afraid I’ll never trust Myself to live Again. Resurrection seems a … Continue reading Graceless Pt III