On Death

One thought on “On Death”

  1. Death

    Slowly she died but no one buried her.
    She lay on the ground being walked over.
    The universe laughed as it sees her rot.
    A precious pearl, a trash she is not.
    The mud swallowed her so as to conceal,
    Her cruel fate and all the pain the she feels.
    Death took away her thundering laughter,
    It ripped apart her hope of ever after.
    Soon she’ll be forgotten, no one will know her name.
    All that will be remembered is her spirit of shame.
    Years will pass and she will again wake up.
    She will forget all the hurt that she drank in the cup.
    She will walk and visit the memory lane,
    She will find her smile embedded in pain.
    She will seek comfort in the leap that she took.
    Her companion would be the happy memories written in her book.

    By: Carmina


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