Stupid Beagle

Bingley, the beast full of fear, Intimidated by shadows Cast by waves of sound Sent from a wooden box, Created, in a room where Voices speak back to themselves From ricochets off walls, Noise- unparalleled in volume Or discontented discord, Mingling with melodies from hands Spread over keys of white and black, Creating colors and … Continue reading Stupid Beagle

Dream of a Silent Prophet

There remains, in the dance, Silence Through the shouts in the field Among the shadows in the hallway   Still the dog barks, Yet a shadow puppet Perceived by handprints in the air   Grandfather clocks in the bedroom- Hands grasping the present Pulling it around and around   History, silent prophet   As the … Continue reading Dream of a Silent Prophet

The Trees Were Mistaken

The sun can burn the clouds And make them bleed, leave them bruised Pressed through the trees The sun is a fire   Purple dragon, rising in smoke Ascending into the sky from orange to blue It rises to join the formless mass That is its family He loses his shape before He reaches them … Continue reading The Trees Were Mistaken

Times Square

To express. Naked flesh and the feeling of guilt Impressed now in my mind.   Statue of a Catholic priest Who served his time as a chaplain For God and country. I wonder what he would see tonight.   A strange man sings And dances for something, Perhaps attention. For that is what this hydra … Continue reading Times Square

Negative Space

I see a reflection In a black mirror Surrounding me on all sides Reflected are shapes Blending color between light and black This black isn’t void But the space of potential There’s optimism in negative space   This is not to say that negative space By any means is happy It isn’t Negative space is … Continue reading Negative Space