I remember when my brother and I Put two CDs in simultaneously One on top of the other In order to see if the result would be Both albums mixed together   For us as children there was little Explanation for things Which made some things seem magical   In some ways Growing up removed … Continue reading Magic

Graceless Pt III

Shall we beat this or celebrate it? This has changed me: now I’m not the one to talk things through.   Some things may never be Understood, the problem of evil For example. Yet still they say all Works out for good.   I’m afraid I’ll never trust Myself to live Again. Resurrection seems a … Continue reading Graceless Pt III

Graceless Pt II

He told me, “Your sins are forgiven.” The Father to whom I confessed. My brain knows, but is overshadowed By my heart, which cannot feel Grace. I fear I will not understand Grace Until I feel it incarnated, instead of the abstract Which it is now. I am told of a God who gives grace, … Continue reading Graceless Pt II

The Triangle

Three sides to every story I am but one In this war With no mediator   Strange how the mind works Coming from three different visions Of one event Creating three different events   Three points of view With lines stringing between them Not connecting But in tension   Waiting to break Waiting to join … Continue reading The Triangle

Enough Is Enough

Unholy spirits visit our dreams, Battling angels for conquest of our souls. I did not mean to, but I have become A skeptic; my dreams of things I would have forgotten. Philosophies shift like sand in the desert, This is why we can only wonder  At the Sun and its light. This desert is a … Continue reading Enough Is Enough

Save Me

Revive me I’m stumbling, my strength is weak Come find me They’re cursing in tongues I can’t speak Justify me It’s simply the truth that I seek Resign me It’s not worth the havoc I wreak   They say a new day Gives the man a clean slate The old passed away But I know … Continue reading Save Me