Behind the Barn

Behind the barn there is a mountain No one knows where it goes How high it is What is on top Some say it is the end of the world Water falls from it down the side It forms a pool Whose water is clearer than the night sky Lit up by stars Advertisements Continue reading Behind the Barn

Healthy Fear Of Toilets

(To be sung after working out the legs)   Ooooooo Healthy fear of toilets I feel it in my thigh Healthy fear of toilets It hits you from behind You squat in a chair And your derrière Begins to tremble with pain Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Terrible fear of toilets You’ve struck me once again!!!! Continue reading Healthy Fear Of Toilets


I’m in the city you hated I shouted through closed lips in a haze Caught in the clicks with the living dead My eyes are falling As I looked across towards What I wanted Forgetting what I was with Decisions in a blur I’m in the crush and I hate it Did I put myself … Continue reading Slipped

I Was Late

I was late for church today Unforgivable, I know I wasted too much   Time As if it is something We have   The time given to us Is short I would rather stay Another few minutes in My friend’s basement   Drive the back roads Through the fields With the hymnody Of Django Reinhardt … Continue reading I Was Late

Is It Ok

Is it ok That I’m writing this Next to love poems   I’m sitting on the same couch In a different position Listening to the same song Nostalgia’s knife has choked me again   What happened?   I used to be ready to forgive And to heal It’s probably because a girl got involved   … Continue reading Is It Ok