Taxi Driver

I am a taxi driver. I’ve never had a passenger. Don’t ask where I get money. I know all the best ways to hide, Scenic routes and back roads.   I can be invisible If I so choose. Another lost piece of something in the sea.   I see everything. Behind and before me.   … Continue reading Taxi Driver

Untitled Short V

Some feelings cannot be hidden Some sorrows not forgotten Some hurts will never heal Sometimes words cannot carry everything Nothing created can carry the weight That I have put into my despair Only these melodies trapped in my head Melodies that will never be played   Time does not mend It forgets Continue reading Untitled Short V


Imagine if you will A world without a face The sky is a ceiling The clouds out of place   The mountains, a vanguard For forests unseen Among the trees There lived a queen   Her name was Hannah   She lived in a castle With walls of moss hung over trees Clothed in feathers … Continue reading Hannah