Dare I To Ask

Father in heaven, dare I to ask That you speak to us As you spoke to Your people Israel?   You used to walk with us As now I wish You would. I have so many questions Answered many ways by many people Thus multiplying the questions.   I still do not know how to … Continue reading Dare I To Ask


Father, it has been too long Since I have prayed. I know my fault, I feel it In the way I am despairing. Forgive me for my lack of faith, For daring to believe that I Could do this alone. Apart from your presence, all is madness. Return to me, I pray, Joy in the … Continue reading Restless

The Squirrels In D.C.

The squirrels in D.C.  Have no fear of people In fact, they get about as close to people  As people are to strangers In D.C.  They have grown so accustomed  To the masses passing by That they take no notice  And simply live their own lives And if you get too close It gets awkward … Continue reading The Squirrels In D.C.

Our House in D.C

I think I liked this photograph  Because the sky looks like an ocean When God made the world, he separated  The waters, bringing forth land between them In ancient tradition, the sky is a sea We lived in a house between the waters A haven for our souls, which rested Between one chaos and another, … Continue reading Our House in D.C

I Want To Know

I want to know what it is To completely abandon myself To your will To live by faith Following step by step Allowing every day to be a new day Not a continuation of yesterday and it’s problems Or tomorrow and its fears   I want to know what it is to have faith Where … Continue reading I Want To Know