Are These the Words

Are these the words I want to leave behind? An imprint of the world on me, myself on the world.   I’m just trying to be ok, To do something that means something, But on every side I am crushed by doubt.   I tried poem as prayer, Hoping that maybe then this would be … Continue reading Are These the Words


Some men you talk to They listen but do not let in Your words are held outside their skin Where they in turn create words To throw at you, instead of giving to you   There are some, however Who understand that to hear Is to open yourself To understand speech as part of the … Continue reading Dialogue

Writing By Silence

Are two lines worth an hour’s time?   I am afraid of the things I know are wrong, for everyone subscribes to them. They have no originality, living under the speech of the masses which they are.   And then there is a church which decides that to be holy is to be opposed to … Continue reading Writing By Silence