Untitled Short V

Some feelings cannot be hidden Some sorrows not forgotten Some hurts will never heal Sometimes words cannot carry everything Nothing created can carry the weight That I have put into my despair Only these melodies trapped in my head Melodies that will never be played   Time does not mend It forgets Continue reading Untitled Short V


Imagine if you will A world without a face The sky is a ceiling The clouds out of place   The mountains, a vanguard For forests unseen Among the trees There lived a queen   Her name was Hannah   She lived in a castle With walls of moss hung over trees Clothed in feathers … Continue reading Hannah

The Garden Of Statues

The sun sets, the sun also rises. Over a field of iron trees; A city whose souls reach the sky In clouds of smoke, blackened, Defining the light of a world.   Hidden, there stands a statue- The blind prophet, Trapped from the present by the future. Beneath him, a plaque, long since forgotten: “It … Continue reading The Garden Of Statues


The shadows sank deeper And spread across The face of the water Until it brushed the trees On my side of the river   His hands move ripples In his rhythm Like waves The town across the river Will feel these winds   These stories are poems To an empty room These thoughts People seated … Continue reading Speech