Best Nightmare

You were my best nightmare. Present enough so that the places Of your absence filled my poems. Every word you said meant Nothing; all you didn’t say meant everything.   In my foolishness I called it love. Now I know It was only obsession.   A desire to fill a void, an addiction Created to … Continue reading Best Nightmare


There are still parts Of me given away, Which is frightening. I do not know to whom  Which version of me  Belongs. Where my soul Has latched on and never Loosened its grasp. There are the times I meet My old lover, who comes In different forms and by Different names, enticing me To let … Continue reading Given

Let Yourself Wander

Let yourself wander. Stop reading, take a breath. Let your lungs fill with life On the path that made all the difference.   You will never feel these words In the same way again. Do not waste This time. Every moment is a gift.   Let yourself wander. Do not worry About returning. Someone else … Continue reading Let Yourself Wander

Man at Panera

God bless the man at Panera He recognizes my face I recognize his awkward movements   Perhaps he is there To remind me Of my own work’s dignity   We go through the liturgies Of our own days Bringing us together or apart   We cannot prescribe Each day’s movements But we can move with … Continue reading Man at Panera