And again It feels like waiting   For this sickness to spread To a place where I can name it For naming is mastery   But until then I remain ignorant And afraid   Not knowing What it is that Tears me apart Continue reading Sickness

When Christmas Comes

When Christmas comes, I start Feeling sentimental again, waiting For all these things that already happened.   Reading Job and the Prophets. November is the month in which My heart first broke And I celebrated Thanksgiving.   Just like a prophet, November is here Bearing gifts of longing and promise. Leaves cast their blanket upon … Continue reading When Christmas Comes

Good Intentions

It doesn’t matter how You say it began. The end, which never is But always will be, Defines who you are.   Enlightenment thought Explained away until Darkness was the only Thing yet to explore. Absurd and true.   Hearts of gold; Keep telling yourself Who you think You are. Everyone Is out of proportion: … Continue reading Good Intentions