Each Peculiar Faith

To each his own faith   Mine, the struggle Of a man facing his own depravity Countered by amazing grace The battle between a mind that sees And a heart that knows By feeling Whether from the spirit Or from my own thoughts   My brother wrestles his own doubts Asking my own questions In … Continue reading Each Peculiar Faith


I thought life would live In a way accustomed to no one Except for the individual For each breath is its own word Distinct but not divided From the larger order   Your history collided with one Of a struggle to breathe Alongside anyone new   Hidden in spite Left to live In the this … Continue reading Consummation

Reflection on Time

In the beginning, was the space of nothing. This was not contra-being, but a state in which Being was simply absent. From this Came forth a new space, full of potential. In all of this, there was the Word. God spoke, and the beginning is. Contrary to popular belief, Time is not fixed; It flows … Continue reading Reflection on Time

The Forms

When I was younger I saw Slowly at first, then more and more Until I was afraid I would never be happy again My head was in the cave Watching shadows and forms pass by on the wall The rock wall upon which my house was built  Ideas are boring, dangerous Intellectual mind games, only … Continue reading The Forms


Some movies happen in the dark In the rain Everything fades except the story  Itself Life is a shadow  In its light  Sometimes I am with friends Other times I am  Alone Walking under the rain In a suit Just like that night When I knew  My heart  Was about to be broken Continue reading Starlight


I smoked three in the morning, two between breakfast and lunch, and another afterwards. It might sound as though I’m ruining my lungs, and you could be right. However, I do not care. No one cares much for old age. All the protagonists in the movies and books smoke enough to fill the fires of … Continue reading Immunity

Stay That Way

Stay that way The image of you where you Were obscured by darkness I kept the lights off Because I hate the light I knew it was me Stay that way  Stay away from me I wanted you close that way If I had known  I should have known better Than to think what I … Continue reading Stay That Way