I’m in the city you hated I shouted through closed lips in a haze Caught in the clicks with the living dead My eyes are falling As I looked across towards What I wanted Forgetting what I was with Decisions in a blur I’m in the crush and I hate it Did I put myself … Continue reading Slipped

I Was Late

I was late for church today Unforgivable, I know I wasted too much   Time As if it is something We have   The time given to us Is short I would rather stay Another few minutes in My friend’s basement   Drive the back roads Through the fields With the hymnody Of Django Reinhardt … Continue reading I Was Late

Is It Ok

Is it ok That I’m writing this Next to love poems   I’m sitting on the same couch In a different position Listening to the same song Nostalgia’s knife has choked me again   What happened?   I used to be ready to forgive And to heal It’s probably because a girl got involved   … Continue reading Is It Ok


I know Nostalgia He holds me in the dark In my bed sheets  I feel his breath on me  He robs my joy When I reach comfort He tells me  It will never be the same  The waves from the sand are not The waves from the window of a hotel Cursed grey ghost Which … Continue reading Nostalgia