Moods In Poetry

I have noticed that my poetry has moods Often determined by where I am In a store, I write like a little child  Trying to act cool and contemplative  Playing on an electronic device because That looks cool Around those people who press insecurity  I write letters to them which I shroud In metaphors which … Continue reading Moods In Poetry

What is a Poem?

What is a poem? A garden full of words, each one opening Into a flower, holding life underneath a painting. A middle-schooler with a crush, Using petals as a prophecy: “She loves me, she loves me not.” It is the way Charlie Brown will always end With “She loves me not.” However, There is always … Continue reading What is a Poem?

Are These the Words

Are these the words I want to leave behind? An imprint of the world on me, myself on the world.   I’m just trying to be ok, To do something that means something, But on every side I am crushed by doubt.   I tried poem as prayer, Hoping that maybe then this would be … Continue reading Are These the Words