The Perfect Song

An old man plays piano at church in an old country village; each note out of duty to his God. His pupil, much younger, plays with a feeling he knows is the only way to see God.  They get along fairly well, until their conversation strays to things outside of music theory. Both like each … Continue reading The Perfect Song


I am afraid if judgement, probably because I know I deserve it.   My actions scream from the ground Like the blood of Abel cried to God.   I would like to believe in grace, but There is so much anger, I see.   I have heard of a God full of grace, sought Him; … Continue reading Graceless

One Blessing

Laughter vanishes like smoke Breath of guilt Stain the air I pull into my lungs Every breath could be used for something other Than the curses we speak by human nature   There is a reason for setting Doorkeepers by your ears and mouth Curses dense as fog in the morning Following through the evening … Continue reading One Blessing

I Am A Criminal

I am a criminal In a cadaverous mob Saving a life is difficult Perhaps impossible   Taking one is much easier It can be done by an accident Or the best of intentions   Intentions get lost in translation Through lack of judgement and wisdom Creating actions which turn love to hate Giving life into … Continue reading I Am A Criminal